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Parancoe videos

Some videos about Parancoe are online.

Integrazione di ACEGI in Parancoe

Scrivere e usare un DAO in Parancoe

Validazione dati in Parancoe

Sorry, they are in Italian. Let me know if someone is interested to produce translated subtitles.

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Oct 22, 2007


Last Saturday me and Enrico talked about Parancoe at the JavaDay in Turin.

Here the slides of our speeches:

  • Lucio Benfante, Usare i DAO senza implementarli (Using the DAOs without writing an implementation…the title is in Italian, but the slides are in English)

Congratulations to the JUG Torino for the great event.

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Oct 22, 2007